Eggs Benedict* 10.50/6.50 (half order)
Cottage bacon, sautéed spinach, tomato, poached eggs on english muffin with tarragon béarnaise sauce – served with potatoes

Eggs to Order* (GF) 7.50
2 eggs with 2 slices of local bacon, potatoes and sautéed spinach

Biscuits & Gravy 9.25/5.75 (half order)
Local sausage gravy over a big, homemade buttermilk biscuit

Corned Beef Hash* 9.75/6.00 (as a side)
Local brisket corned in house – served with wheat toast, grilled tomato and 2 eggs to order

Banana Bread French Toast 9.00/5.50 (half order)
House banana bread battered and grilled, served with miso compound butter and fried bananas

Cassava French Toast (GF) 9.25
Cassava-coconut bread battered and grilled topped with strawberry compote and whipped cream

Three Grain Brûlée 7.00
Steel cut oats, millet and barley topped with cherry compote, torched brown sugar and candied pecans

Huevos Breakfast* (GF) 9.75
Corn cake and potatoes topped with chili rojo, 2 eggs to order, feta cheese, house salsa, avocado & fried jalapeños Add sausage $1.50

Steak and Eggs (GF) 10.75
Marinated flank steak (6oz) with potatoes, 2 eggs to order and topped with jack cheese and roasted peppers

Country Fried Steak 11.75
6 oz steak in a corn flake crust topped with sausage gravy -served with potatoes and sautéed spinach

House Omelette (GF) 9.75
2 egg omelette filled with candied bacon, green onion and swiss cheese fondue – served with potatoes

Veggie Omelette (GF) 9.25
2 egg omelette with mushroom and fresh spinach topped with goat cheese creme fraiche and a fresh herb sauce – served with potatoes

Pancake Breakfast* 9.00/5.50 (half order)
2 Sourdough pancakes, 2 eggs to order & 2 strips of local bacon

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes 8.00
2 lemon ricotta pancakes with lavender butter and blueberry syrup

Middle Fork Breakfast Sandwich* 9.25
1 egg scrambled with roasted peppers topped with provolone cheese, bacon-onion jam and fresh spinach on homemade focaccia bread Add bacon or sausage $1.50

Monte Cristo* 9.75
Sourdough sandwich with turkey, ham, swiss & aioli battered and grilled

BLT 7.50
The classic with house truffle aioli on wheat toast +Add Avocado $1.50

House Quiche 8.50
Lorraine style – bacon, spinach and tomato with swiss cheese

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